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2013-08-14 02:17:52
by: CaptianRon (+8)
Fished all day hooked three 300 yards down streem from the HWY 9 bridge at noon and that was it, not a lot of fish in yet

2012-09-08 22:29:42
by: CaptianRon (+8)
Any Luck with the Silvers yet?
They are jumping but not bighting
What is working the best right now??

2011-12-07 04:24:09
by: anatoliy (+2)
Anyone fish for Steelhead here?

2011-09-30 05:56:12
by: anatoliy (+2)
they still biting?

2011-09-24 19:42:40
by: nate32 (+8)
i troll plugs or dicknites

2011-09-21 19:01:28
by: LuisL (+3)
ya what were you using for the silvers??

2011-09-20 03:24:52
by: nate32 (+8)
thats exactly were. do you know were the huge sand wall is i fish just above that
troll plugs

2011-09-19 21:39:31
by: LuisL (+3)
nate32 wich second brigde are you talking about i usualy fish off of lowell river rd. nxt to the plant place

2011-09-19 03:09:24
by: nate32 (+8)
fished passed 2nd bridge in snohomish anround the bend on the sand bar cought 2 silvers and 2 hunmpys

2011-09-15 05:10:26
by: CaptianRon (+8)
It's not over till it's over!!!!!! Fish are still hiting good talked to several people that limited today,I landed 3 by the flote plain and one in snohomish between the bridges.206caster try langas park or rotery park in Everett.

2011-09-03 22:55:58
by: 206caster (+1)
I mostly fish down on the on the Puyallup river with friends that live down south, but I live in north seattle and want fish closer to home. Any suggestions for places to fish near I5?


2011-09-03 05:40:16
by: boondogger (+8)
if youre hittin up thomas eddy i highly recommend stopping by cathcart store. very freindly owner excellent selection of custom jigs like capt. ron says. also 50/50 nickel brass dick nites. wich if you run like drift gear on about 3-4 foot leader, will catch any fish in the river. also good selection of micro brew , just pack out your bottles

2011-09-03 04:01:21
by: boondogger (+8)
fish spread all over now me n my bro fished lower skykomish yesterday landed 8 humpys realeased the bucks kept three hens my bro caught a 3pound silver!

2011-09-02 07:48:53
by: CaptianRon (+8)
Limited today also,nice BIG fish this season, using custom made b2 squid jigs from the Cathcart store, they nock em dead. By the way the Donky Hole is callesd the Thomas Eddy

2011-09-02 07:41:29
by: CaptianRon (+8)
Limited Tusday

2011-09-02 05:53:15
by: nate32 (+8)
ok thanks boondogger.and yes the lower snohmish is good right now but if you go up river you get ride of all the jerks that flypassed you down river .and tthe fishing is just is good there

2011-09-01 17:14:51
by: sirenoftheocean (+1)
Launching in Snohomish and just below the 1st bridge we were slaying them on Tuesday! 5 in the boat in 10 minutes! Theres a no wake sign and some type of fload on the right.

2011-08-31 03:30:19
by: boondogger (+8)
from snohomish go old monroe nohomish road take a right on short school road go down till you see a whole mess of cars along the river and a whole mess of donkeys across the street.

2011-08-30 04:58:44
by: nate32 (+8)
boondogger. where is the donkey hole?

2011-08-27 22:14:18
by: boondogger (+8)
fished the above the donkey hole last night for an hour drifting shrimp and pink corkies #2 hook and 3foot leader caught 3 lost many more

2011-08-25 05:11:17
by: boondogger (+8)
how about a little river courtesy. If you are in a big sled maybe you can slow down a little when around bank fisherman or smaller boats. the humpies will still be there if it takes a little longer to get there.

2011-08-24 21:52:52
by: nate32 (+8)
iv talk to fisher man that haven't been catching fish eny higher than where the pilchuke mouth. fish in snohomish .

2011-08-24 18:40:54
by: CaptianRon (+8)
Seals were atacking and steeling fish right of fishermans lines last night up by the Orange power lines.

How is the fishing up at the 522 bridge?

2011-08-23 06:07:33
by: CaptianRon (+8)
Cathcart store has B2 squid jigs and more, hope the rain brings in a ton more fish

2011-08-22 23:14:19
by: nate32 (+8)
pink squids are working best for me right in town

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